So if anyone still reads this... I'm now considering keeping it up! What do you think?


Should it stay or should it go?

For the past two days, posts have been mistakenly posted on this blog. I think there's a glitch with blogger... because I know I clicked 'new post' for my personal blog, but when I published the post it posted it on Gathering Grub.

I was wondering if anyone had a problem with me shutting this blog down. I would LOVE to keep it up, but I can't do to alone. If anyone would like to try starting it again, or have any new ideas for it's purpose, I'm happy to keep it up! We could always have a 'healthy' blog... where we share our triumphs, and share recipes for weight loss or just healthy foods. (Can you tell what my focus is at the moment?!)

I apologize to anyone who got a spew of my private life... sorry! Tami posted a photo book of her family, which I found to be a pleasant mistake :)

Let me know what you think.



Fast Easy Bread!

My friend's site has changed...


go check it out!


A slice of heaven

My very first home made bread from the oven! No bread machine involved.

Thanks for the class Sherian with your friend Lindsey and the awesome www.breadmadeeasy.com

Loved it!!!!!!!


Thrifty Thursday... on Friday!

Breadmaking... tomorrow... 12-2pm... my house. Pizza, cinnamon rolls, braids, monkey bread, whole wheat bread.

As far as 'Thrifty Thursday"? I'm avoiding stores at all costs, so I'm not in the loop. I can only share a few things...
After Shepherd's Cake & Candy went out of business, I was distraught in my candy-making, holiday tradition efforts. A friend of mine told me about Gygi's. (3500 south 3rd west) It used to only be open to wholesalers, restaurant owners, etc. They have awesome chocolates, molds, specialty food items, Mexican vanilla, and any kitchen item imaginable! And they teach awesome cooking classes. (They have a Culinary Institute) I'll be looking into some classes next year, but if you're having trouble finding something... it was a jackpot! I went yesterday and wanted to stay for the entire afternoon. They are having a sale Saturday... click here for info. (you may have to call about classes and sales)

I also was told there is a Kiosk in the University Mall that is selling 600-800 thread count sheet for $20 a set... any size! I haven't checked it out, but I thought I'd share.

Happy Holiday craziness!


Free Bread Class!

This weekend I got together with a good friend of mine who is here visiting her in-laws for December. She lives in Kansas, and has four girls, and her husband is a big, strong, athletic, computer geek! We couldn't have more in common ;)
Anyways... she is one of the most fantastic cooks I've ever known. More specifically... she can bake like no other! I love cooking... but my baking skills are lacking. She whips out the most delicious homemade food like I can whip out mac n' cheese from a box.
*True story* on Friday... I spent three hours making cinnamon rolls... let them rise too long... and swore I'd never make them again! My neighbor is too nice to be honest, but they sucked!

My friend has some 'tricks' to making bread super fast. LESS THAN 60 MINUTES! I don't know how many of you have used or heard of lecithin? she also has some special yeast? It's nothing pricey, just knowing what to use and how to use it. Amazing! Her methods started from her mother-in-law, where it was in a Bosch... with 10 cups of flour... making 4 loaves of bread. She's tailored her recipes and methods to
1. use her food storage
2. make an amount that fits in her mixer, or a bowl
3. and use recipes of things her kids love for dinner or lunch... like awesome pizza!

So we got talking, and I asked her if she would make bread with me while she's here. I also was mentioning our little 'gathering grub' site, and the posts about bread. I've complained a number of times about not having a bread maker... she doesn't use one! She makes bread faster with her Kitchenaid! and she says it's just as easy in a bowl... no mixer needed!

I told her that some of you may want to come over and join us... so... if you want to come over on learn some economical and easy tricks to making homemade bread in less than 60 minutes. I am welcoming all! She will be at my house Saturday, December 12th from 12-2pm.
So come... watch... and eat! I told her I'd like her to show me her homemade 'stuffed crust' pizza, a braid (with chicken filling), monkey bread, and her AWESOME cinnamon rolls! You can just come to eat lunch ;)



Macey's- Turkey Vouchers

I did my last THANKSGIVING grocery trip today. I was running errands, so I stopped by Macey's. I've read about their vouchers on coupon sites (savvy shopper), and got them at checkout. I don't need a turkey this year... but if anyone wants my vouchers, I have $1.50. You can combine as many vouchers as you'd like to use at one time.
Current prices... Norbest fresh turkey $1.29 per lb.... Honeysuckle White Turkey breast (bone-in, frozen) $1.20 per lb.
The cashier suggested I buy small ones and keep them in the freezer for later. I just don't think I'll make it back to Macey's by Thanksgiving (that's when they expire... at 1pm)

I also stopped by the Bread Outlet (down by Target) their Grandma Sycamore bread is 4 for $7 (and they had lots of whole wheat)

Comment or call me if you're interested! ;)